So You Want To Fly Private?




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The Synopsis

Have you ever had a shitty job with problematic co-workers and even worse clientele? Same.

Private Flight Attendants, also known as CFAs (Corporate Flight Attendants) deal with the worst of the worst daily. So You Want To Fly Private: The Rules showcases true accounts of what it’s like to work as a CFA in private aviation, an industry that hasn’t progressed much since the 1970s. From Sugar Babies and wild Karens to toxic, misogynist bosses who don’t understand the meaning of consent, So You Want To Fly Private: The Rules paints a messy picture of a famously secretive industry using the same uncensored (and darkly comedic) rhetoric found in venting sessions with co-workers over happy hour drinks at the bar.

The Author

Shannon McDermott is an Autistic creative artist based in New York City. Through her creative work, she aims to normalize Autistic voices and Autism inclusion within the entertainment industry. Shannon is also passionate about social justice issues, especially as they apply to women. She decided to give voice to her friends in the private aviation world with this series after spending many a night listening to them vent about their jobs over happy hour drinks. Her snarky, dry comedic writing style lends itself well to So You Want To Fly Private: The Rules as it resembles the sarcastic rhetoric and inside jokes expressed between co-workers ranting about their shitty jobs...because who doesn't have a shitty job these days?

Shannon holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts and English Writing and Rhetoric from St. Edwards University in Austin, TX.

The Illustrator

Chris .R. Notarile is an award winning filmmaker with a career spanning over twenty years. He is the founder of Blinky Productions Inc., which has produced multiple award winning shorts, features, and everything in between; as well as BCU Comics, a publishing company dedicated to producing graphic novels and children’s books.

YouTube Channel: Blinky500

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